Leti attended both of my births and quite frankly I couldn’t have done it without her!  

I decided early on in my first pregnancy that a home birth was my desired birthing outcome. Leti gave me the confidence to explore this further. She gave invaluable evidence based support to me and my husband throughout the anti and post natal period. 
She is professional, warm and kind whilst also being informative and helpful when you’re most in need. She allowed my husband to enjoy the events rather than worry he’s doing/saying he right thing all the time. 

A doula should be part of every persons birth plan. Thank you so much Leti x 

Amy, Nathan, Kit & Sadie x


Having discovered that my 3rd birth was going to be twins, I quickly descended from “Third birth? “I’ve got this” to “How on earth am I going to manage this in one piece?!”

Prior to using a doula, I expected a doula's value to be around receiving emotional and practical support, but to be honest, the experience I had with Leti just doesn’t do this definition justice. I consider myself a pretty practical person, but Leti’s depth of knowledge on the most recent twin medical studies was nothing short of exceptional and it provided me with critical information that transformed the birth experience I had. As a result, I felt a complete sense of calm (as much as you can be when delivering twins!) because the decisions I was making were informed and in good time.

In the past I’d pondered whether I’d need a doula, given my husband was there to support me at the birth. Isn’t three a crowd? Oh my goodness, where do I start. Well before the birth Leti built an incredibly warm but respectful rapport with my husband so that during the birth, she was there to explain important points and celebrate special moments.  Beyond delivering babies all the time, she’s had three children of her own and this bought a real intuition to the whole experience. Having lost any ability to articulate my own feelings during this emotional time, Leti was able to identify my needs well in advance.

I weathered two births without a doula and then I had the privilege of having Leti as my doula for the twins. Therefore I feel qualified to say with certainty that the role of a doula - notably Leti - is an essential pre-requisite in any birth, be it twins, first time mums, or many-time mums. Thank you Leti, I am forever in your debt x

Emma, Geoff, Eva & Ella, Fulham

Image by Hollie Santos

I was lucky enough to work with Leti throughout my first two pregnancies and births and found her knowledge, passion and dedication invaluable.  

She is an excellent communicator and has the incredible ability to empower you to believe in your self and your body.  She was a vital part of my journeys in to motherhood and made me feel safe and advocated for at all times.

Her strength as an educator and her enthusiasm for birth is infectious and she can always be relied on to make you feel at ease even in a difficult situation.

Leti is warm, kind and wise as well as the consummate professional and her patience and positivity will always be fondly remembered.

KB, Fulham


Leti was recommended to me by a good friend. I knew I wanted to have a natural birth in the birth centre and wanted help of a doula to give me the confidence and knowledge to get me through a safe birth with no interventions.

We found the antenatal sessions with Leti very useful in the final weeks of the pregnancy. This really gave us the knowledge about labour to know what to expect. My labour ended up progressing much quicker than expected and Leti got to us just before we went to the hospital. She was such a support to my husband who could just focus on holding my hand. 
The birth went very smoothly and Leti helped me find the strength when I was so exhausted at the end. 
We definitely have Leti to thank for such a positive birth experience.

HW, West London