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The Doula Hub

When I first started working as a doula I worried about what would happen to my clients if for some reason I was not able to attend their birth. It would be devastating to have built such a strong relationship and then for me to send some random doula I had found on Facebook to go and support them should I be ill. So a few years ago I decided to join  "The Doula Hub", a group of very select professional doulas who would work together to support each others clients.

Over the past couple of years I have been working exclusively with Louise, the founder of The Doula Hub. We enjoy working together so much we now say we wouldn't work any other way. The support we give our clients is exceptional as you get to know both of us really well so that on the extremely rare occasion that one of us is unavailable our clients feel completely comfortable being supported by the other. We also give invaluable support to each other during your birth. Between us we have over 16 years experience and have literally supported hundreds of clients. We also both coaches for newly trained doulas.

Louise and I work in a very unique way as doulas. Our aim is to weave a tapestry of support that beautifully merges our corporate backgrounds with a rich array of soft skills, creating a truly holistic birthing experience. We infuse our doula work with a unique combination of organizational acumen, strategic planning, and an inherent sense of calm and peaceful presence. We help our clients understand all of the things they can control, and have plans in place to identify the things that they can't control during pregnancy and birth, and learn how to navigate through these situations. We have a passion for education and ensure all our clients are fully informed of the choices they have during pregnancy and childbirth. We are confident that the antenatal education we give our clients is exemplary, and of the very highest standard.

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